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SWHFX's performance, since the last filing, when in comparison to funds in their category was in the top 21% within the last 1 year and in the most notable 40% during the last 3 years. Finra found that on three occasions between May 15 and July 1 a year ago, schwab login SCHW, -2. New tracking features make it easier for firms to deal with documentation and track the history of requests. Check out the difference in prices in the table above. Schwab also offers TDFs as collective trust funds (CTFs), and ensures they are available exclusively to 401(k) plans and also other qualified retirement plans through Charles Schwab Bank. Millennials have the benefit of time on their own side, so the earlier they consult using a professional and formulate a savings plan, the higher they can plan for retirement. If there's one benefit to a sluggish recovery, it's that is hasn't built inside the excesses contributing to recession.